Green is 2/2 in bezel and Avellino can handle four lengths maintained until the end.

16 Nisan 2019 News

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Cole warm the hand with ease and charge Avellino that, immediately after the 5 ‘, breaks the balance (11-11) and, with the 5-0 built by free Cole and baskets of Green and Filloy, fly to +5 (11-16). Varese reacts with Avramovic and equalized with Scrubb (19-19), but at 20 ‘is the triple Cole to bring forward guests: 19-22. In the second quarter the teams continue to play point to point, then Varese surpasses 13 ‘and 27 “with Scrubb (28-27) to be pushed by Archie on +3 (30-27).

Cole is merciless and drag Avellino, while the hosts are valuable points off the bench for the Natali +3 (41-38), who also missed a free throw. Avellino responds with the usual Cole and, after the new +3 Cain (43-40), is Filloy with 2/2 in bezel to shorten: 43-42 at 20 ‘. After returning from the locker room you continue with the same script because the teams do not go beyond the +3, at least until all’antisportivo booed Cole: free of Avramovic (57-54) give us confidence, Natali increases (60-54) and Iannuzzi finds +7 (61-54).

Avellino returns with Nichols and D’Ercole and 30 ‘only two points separate the teams: 64-62. We think so Filloy to equalize (67-67), while Ndiaye back in the lead Avellino: 67-69. Avramovic says the other front (73-71) and the game becomes more and more exciting as does understand Nichols, author of controsorpasso: 73-74.

Spizzichini try to escape (75-78) but a bully dunk by Archie brings Varese behind by one point (77-78) when still two minutes to play. Avellino wants the outside shot and does capita with Cole, taking advantage of a distraction opponents to place the +3: 77-80. A 30 “by Moore tries from the arc end but his shot is weak and does not even iron.

After the free Filloy (77-81), there is room for the cake of Cain (79-81) to nine seconds of the siren. Green is 2/2 in bezel and Avellino can handle four lengths maintained until the end. (Philip Brusa) Varese: Avramovic 18, Moore 14, 11. Cain Avellino: Cole 25, Nichols 18, Filloy 14. Giampaolo Ricci, the best of Cremona in the victory in Pistoia.

CIAM / Cast-Pistoia Cremona 73-90 is off to the distance Vanoli, which amply demonstrates deserved third place and in the 5 ‘end is rampant. Ricci of slow and then establishes its primacy of signatures, bags can rejoice because it is still essential resources from the bench and in fact the Oriora the distance is not keeping pace. There are 6 defeats in a row and is now last solo.

Strong tension in Pistoia curve, especially with the Americans, but this time in the field we saw a formation that fight and tried to defend. Pistoia does not melt right away, as usual, under the blows of their opponents, the 6 ‘marks the backboard 7-13 but the attitude of the men of Ramagli is distinctly different from the standards, especially in defense. Dominique Johnson plays the role of leader and signs the overtaking on the 17-16 of 10 ‘, with a 6-0 run.

Oriora unwatchable from the line (1/6), tackles with recoveries. Ruzzier back ahead on the Lombard 17-22, is Auda which reverses the match (25-22). From the bench Cremona has another impact, and this time salt in Demps chair that undermines the red and white certainties.

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Kerron Johnson does good things and the defense held. The Vanoli clings to offensive rebounds, is the first triple of Ricci at 20 ‘(35-42), but Peak sews and rest it goes 39-42. Pistoia has 1/10 from 3 but Krubally is a warrior under the planks and Mathiang gives birth to a good battle. The Cremonese return to more concrete field and try to escape with a partial 7 to 1 designer Saunders, Mathiang and Aldridge.

The Ricci triple dig the furrow (+12 to 25 ‘on 42-54). Blaze Dominique Johnson which brings the Tuscans but Travis Diener and Ricci are no discounts and 31 ‘salt gap to 13 (54-67). Cremona relaxes, Oriora took the opportunity to go to -6 and evening wants to speak with his 7 ‘from the end. Ricci affects the arc, Aldridge and Diener imitate and 36 ‘back to the gap portion 13 (63-76). The Roman Ricci continues to rage all the way. (Philip Lay) Pistoia: K. Johnson 21, Auda 15, D. Johnson 13.

Cremona: Ricci 27, Diener 14, Saunder and Aldridge 11. Gasport

January 13, 2019 – Milan The exultation yesterday at the Dall’Ara. Ansa Well begun is half done, says a famous proverb. And this is the meaning of the single thought in the day after Juventus Bologna, it emerged from the joy of the social protagonists of the victory yesterday at the Dall’Ara, success worth the qualification to the quarterfinals of the Italian Cup.

Are you satisfied primarily Massimiliano Allegri happy with the response to his first of 2019, after a long pause: “Back to the game pace is always difficult: the dried games help to keep up the concentration! Well done boys for the next round. ” A man of few words, but euphoric, the protagonists of the challenge yesterday Bernardeschi and Kean: “We are back!” Stressed the former purple, while the young Moise seems to be more in the skin to the goal (again in Bologna) “Okay, okay, okay, WOAH!”.

Emre Can quips: “What a way to celebrate my birthday,” while Pjanic and Matuidi and have very clear objective: “The last time we kissed, hugged and lifted to the sky. Now we are here to reclaim it, “promises the first, while fresh French world champion ensures:” Well done, we have a plan for the Cup … “. More clearly than that … We started 2019 on the right foot!

Next way towards the next target! #finoallafine – Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) January 12, 2019 to Jeddah – Juve, however, has already filed the next round won last night. Wednesday, in fact, there is the Italian Super Cup, the first trophy of the season in the minds of Agnelli & co. Well aware of the “senators” Juventus who, exactly, are projected to have super challenge in Saudi Arabia: “We started 2019 on the right foot!

Next way towards the next target! #finoallafine “recalls Cristiano Ronaldo; while Bonucci is already in the mood Supercup: “Started the ’19 with the right determination and will to win. Now we recover and get ready for a great game that is the first trophy of the season. ” VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

November 4, 2017 – Losail (Qatar) unleashed Jonathan Rea in race 2 of the Qatar GP, 2017. The latest round of the World Champion Kawasaki world has ended on a high after winning the first race, held yesterday.

At the finish line preceded by Chaz Davies Ducati and Yamaha Lowes. ? @jonathanrea makes history Once More !! He scores 556 points this season, surpassing @ texastornado5 records from 2002! #QatarWorldSBK – WorldSBK (@WorldSBK) November 4, 2017 cable – Rea did not start very well, but after a first corner very shrewd began his ascent. That was also facilitated by the fall of teammate Tom Sykes.

After a few laps he tried to lunge Davies but the British Ducati has risked big: after un’imbarcata controlled by the phenomenon, had to cede the top spot in Rea, who has not seen dumped to the finish. Sixth place for Marco Melandri. A moment @ chazdavies7 there for? He managed to stay on the bike though? #QatarWorldSBK – WorldSBK (@WorldSBK) November 4, 2017 Gasport

June 25, 2015 – ROME At 15:36, after a long debate, in which virtually every one of the directors wanted to have their say, comes the awaited pronouncement of the House Giulio Cesare, noble seat of the least noble of Rome City Council, or at least of that that Mafia capital has so far saved 44 of 48 members present, 38 in favor, 6 against the motion that launches Rome 2024. Thus, the Olympic bid is launched officially, at least by his administration, as was widely expected after the persuasion He made on the eve of Malagò and Montezemolo. not easy – but it was not at all easy to get a favorable vote, and with a reassuring gap.

Francesco Soro, head of cabinet of Malagò, and Claudia Bugno, coordinator of the organizing committee, both in attendance along with former sports champions like Myers and Lucchetta (who invited the councilors to “team”), have treated last to convince recalcitrant councilors, especially the four grillini, the only ones to support with reasons really apt its disagreement, without wanting to take advantage of the Olympic opportunity to make life Ignazio Marino. In the end only the M5s, the League and the radical Pomarici Magi (the majority) voted against.


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